Saturday, 2 November 2013

#427 Because, and Only Because, It Works

     Instinctively, when we hear advice on what to do, or how to do something, we tend to take the contrary position - something in us wants to do the opposite. Call it stubbornness, resistance, noncompliance, dragging our feet - we don't appreciate "shoulds", rebel against rules, and resent being told what to do! We like to learn from our own experience, despite the inevitable mistakes.
     Mindfulness is all about experiential learning. Mindfulness methods are to be tried and experienced in our own life, practiced more if helpful, and let go of if not helpful at this time. The instructions are handed down from a long line of serious practitioners who've benefited from and have continuously refined this practice - it's all about what works best. When you experience the benefits from practicing, you know it's working.


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